prepare for game...
Coming 2022 | Steam (PC, Mac os, Linux), iOS, Android

You opened your eyes. Great value came back. Without moving, your eyeballs pierce the darkness. You are sitting on some chair in real darkness. You're trying to move...


"When Heroes of Might and Magic meets Fallout!".
An epic adventure/strategy in a post-apocalyptic world Saghala with card game! Will you survive?

Released in 2022 | STEAM (PC, MAC OS, Linux), iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch (soon)

Can you help Kira to find answers for her questions? Take on mysterious technology in a thrilling platformer. Meet hundreds of prepared challenges, learn a great secret and discover the terrible secrets of the past and... humanity.

About Gamedev

Hi. I'm Lucas. I'm IndieDev from Poland.

I want to make original games. I make games for you. I have experience in graphics design, coding and the gaming industry - board games, video and online games. I'm in game industry since 2010.

In 2021, I released the first game for PC and Mac platforms - Dark Minute: Kira's Adventure (Early Access). In January 2022 Dark Minute was released on Steam - PC, MAC OS and Linux. On March 2022 Dark Minute I released on mobile devices - iOS and Android. In 2022 we will release Dark Minute on Nintendo Switch.

In 2022, I prepare Crowdfunding Campaign on KICKSTARTER to make my big game - Saghala: Heroes of the Last World!